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International Trade Investment Law

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International Trade & Investment Group

We offer clients one of the most extensive international law and trade practices available. The firm’s international lawyers are highly experienced in international matters, having served with institutions involved in international trade, development, and policy.

The group focuses on advising clients on various legal issues that have an international law perspective, such as private international law or conflict of laws, cross border legal issues, refugees and human rights law and international criminal justice. Our range of practice areas include:

Areas for International Trade & Investment

  • Multilateral investment dispute resolution
  • International tax systems
  • East African Community law
  • African Union trade policies
  • International contracts
  • Bilateral and multilateral trade negotiations
  • Commercial dispute resolution
  • Multilateral redress mechanisms
  • International trade negotiations
  • COMESA law
  • Project management
  • International Arbitration
  • Immigration and relocation
  • Trade policy analysis

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